Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who are the Philosophers For Hire?

  • We are: Two unemployed Central Washington University philosophy graduates, with lots of time and no cash.
  • We know: Philosophers and philosophy from Aristotle to Zizek. From Socrates, Plato, Descartes, Kant, and Wittgenstein to Freud, Spivak, Derrida, JS Mill, and Dogen, we are ready to discuss philosophers and their theories with you.
  • We can: Answer basic questions on the history of philosophy, both East and West, as well as cover the five core branches of philosophy: aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, logic, and metaphysics. We are also knowledgeable in a number of specialized topics, including religion, Latin, Russian, and specific philosophical schools of thought.
  • We think: Therefore you pay. We have a suggested donation that can be found at our live events, with varying prices dependent on degree of difficulty in answering and researching the answer.
  • We will: PHILOSOPHIZE FOR MONEY! Entertainment and enlightenment guaranteed.*
* - Enlightenment not actually guaranteed. Sorry, no refunds will be offered. This service is for entertainment purposes only and should not be used as a sole means of living an examined life. All answers should be introspected and examined for logical fallacies by questioner.

As the above indicates, we are two CWU grads who have BAs in philosophy. Together, we are like Voltron: greater than the sum of our parts. We were also both members and leaders of two of CWU's greatest clubs, the award winning GEEC and Philosophy and Religious Studies club. We have since relocated from sleepy Ellensburg to hip Portland to find our way in life. Until our day in the sun comes (which could take awhile, this is Portland after all), we are selling our species being for hard, cold cash. In order to facilitate that goal of living the examined life, we are selling our knowledge to those most in need of it: you. Yes, you.

Everyone has questions, we hope to provide paths to answers and earn a little dough and notoriety along the way.

Our specialties are as follows.

  • Greg Lotze: Utilitarianism, feminism, existentialism, Russian language and philosophy, neo-paganism, logic, psychology, and general geekery. His undergraduate thesis was on feminism, free will, and elective body modification.
  • Christian Mecham: Ancient Asian philosophy, Buddhism, religions of China and India, French philosophy, Latin, Nietzsche, deconstruction, phenomenology, philosophy of music, and pop culture and philosophy. His undergraduate thesis examined the relationship between J. Derrida, M. Foucault, and contemporary alternative rock music.
We also have taken (and passed! with good grades!) courses on subjects such as philosophy of religion, philosophy of mind, ancient Greek philosophy, ethical/moral theory (including contemporary ethical theory and biomedical ethical theory), the problem of the Other, etc etc.

We have also acted as:

  • Philosophy teacher assistants.
  • Professional conference panelists, panel moderators, and presenters.
  • Ethics Bowl team members (well, Christian has, where they won 3rd in Regionals).
  • Published authors (Greg has various works published; Christian is currently in the second and final editing round of CWU's undergraduate research journal).
Christian generally doesn't like to talk about himself in the third person. He is making this an exception to the rule. Greg rarely talks in the third person as well, but if paid to do it, can probably do so in Russian. We also have a Facebook group. Please feel free to join it.

This blog's primary intended purpose is to showcase the writing, logical, and philosophical ability of both Greg and Christian, in order to support their claims that they are serious philosophers, undertaking serious business.

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